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Droplr was founded by Josh Bryant & Levi Nunnink, a designer and developer team who were both extremely frustrated with the lack of a simple, easy way to share files and collaborate with each other on projects. Since then the team has grown to a fantastic group of individuals who are passionate about making Droplr the best way to send files in the universe.


It's 2014. Sending a file from A to B shouldn't be hard. It shouldn't be slow. And it shouldn't be an ugly process. While many companies are focused on syncing or storing files in the cloud, Droplr has one mission, which is to bring simple, scalable file-sharing to the masses.

File sharing is still today inherently difficult and insecure. Businesses trying to get around the multiple problems with sending files via email attachments often turn to "sync and store" solutions only to find that the promised solution makes things more complicated and difficult. Sharing and receiving files is too big of a problem to be solved as an afterthought. Bolt-on solutions to existing services only cause more problems.


At its core, Droplr is a powerful API that primarily accomplishes two things: First, it quickly transforms any file into an easily shareable secure link, enabling fast, secure file transfers.

Second, it transforms dozens of file types into HTML5, so that anyone viewing a Droplr link can preview a file on any device.

Droplr deploys this service to their customers through a number of beautiful native apps that integrate in to user's workflows so that sharing becomes natural.

What does all this mean for you? There are some bad ways to share files out there (we won’t name any names - but you probably know who they are); We believe that even though other companies spend millions on fancy marketing and ads, in the end the people that treats their customers with the best experience will win in the end. We believe in you, that you know quality when you see it, feel it, experience it. We feel confident that with Droplr you will get the highest quality end-to-end experience.


Droplr is located in Bend, Oregon. Bend provides a wonderful culture and community that's the perfect setting to build a scalable tech startup. Located in Central Oregon, just hours away from Portland, Bend provides world-class recreation, some of the best breweries on the planet, and a thriving entrepreneurial community.

Whether it's skiing before work, mountain biking during lunch, grabbing beer from 10-Barrel or floating the river in the afternoon, we believe Bend to be one of the greatest places on earth. Oh, and between the 4 of us, we have 12 kiddos, 8 bikes, 3 dogs, and a canoe.

Who is Droplr for?

In short, anyone who ever needs to send a file! But more specifically, here's a few examples of where Droplr shines:

  • Creative and marketing professionals who share a large quantity of visual assets. Whether it's Photoshop files, screenshots, illustrations, audio, or video, sharing content over Droplr is beautiful, simple and fast.
  • Business professionals like lawyers, financial planners, accountants, private equity professionals, hedge fund managers, and accountants. Sharing documents with Droplr is the absolute best way to ensure privacy and security around sensitive documents.
  • Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists and researches who deal with large data sets or large files that need a solution to move around large sets of data with ease and simplicity.
  • Medical professionals who need a tool to send sensitive documents, reports, lab results to patients and other colleagues.
  • Customer service teams who need to share a lot of screenshots and annotate them to visually help describe solutions.
  • Businesses who do a large amount of internal collaboration and are still relying on outdated file sharing like FTP servers and Sharepoint.